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Nail Services

Providing You With Trendy Nails

Do you need professional help to shape and polish your nails? Schedule an appointment with Creative Nail Design & Spa to get quality nail services. From applying acrylics to organic dipping, we can do everything.

Choose from Our Wide Range of Nail Services
Acrylic Nails

Designed to strengthen and lengthen natural nails. Biweekly refills are recommended.

New Set $25
Fill $16
Pink and White Acrylics

Absolutely the best pink and ultra-white French perfection, non-yellow, high-gloss shine.

Pink and White Acrylics New Set $45
Pink and White Acrylics Back Fill $35
Pink Fill $20
Organic Dipping Powder

Natural Healthy Nail, Odorless Product Feels and looks natural, no UV light, no liquid, lightweight, no nail bed damage. Over 800 colors to choose from.

Organic Dipping Powder New Set $35
French Dipping Set $45
Ombre Set $50
Gel Powder

Non-brittle, glass finish, strong, and durable.

Gel Powder New Set $40
Gel Powder Fill $20
Gel Polish

Involves no drilling and is nonabrasive to natural nails. This hybrid goes on like nail lacquer and cured under UV lamp to dry instantly. Lasts between 12-14 days without chipping. Soaks off in minutes. Provides strength to natural nails and helps them grow. Over 500 colors to choose from.

Shape, Buff, and Gel Polish Only $20
Gel Polish with any Manicure add $15
Gel Polish with any Pedicure add $20
Gel Polish, Soak Off, or French $5 +


Basic Manicure $15

Starting with a hand soak for relaxation and then followed by cuticle treatment and nail shaping. Then, the nail polish of your choice is applied along with a lavender lotion massage for your arms and hands, then ending with a steamed towel.

Deluxe Manicure $23

Experience a relaxing hand soak followed by a simple grooming of the nail and cuticle. Your arms and hands are then massaged after being exfoliated with sea salt. You then finish off with a cooling gel followed by a rose-scented steamed towel.

Hot Oil Manicure $29

For very dry hands. Starting off with basic manicure grooming and exfoliation followed by a hot oil hand bath and massage. Finish off with a hot towel wrap and paraffin wax dip.

Creative Passionate Spa Manicure $36

Soak your hands in an effervescent sanitizing sea fizz soak. A basic manicure grooming is next followed by a sea salt exfoliate with a moisturizing dermal wrap. Next is a hot towel therapy along with a moisturizing massage using time-release body butter and then ending with a dip in paraffin wax.

Additional Services

Buff and Polish
Hands $7
Feet $10
French / American / Colored Tips $5 +
Top Coat $5
Artificial Nail Removal $5 +
Nail Repair $5 +
Paraffin Wax, Exfoliants, Mask $5
Nail Designs / Nail Art $5 +


Choose Us to Get Effective Pedicure Treatments

Getting a pedicure done all by yourself can be quite difficult. Leave all your pedicure woes to us. The skilled professionals at Creative Nail Design & Spa will use quality equipment and products to make your feet feel as smooth as butter.

A Wide Selection of Pedicure Treatments to Choose From:

Basic Pedicure $26

Enjoy a relaxing and tranquil experience with a foot soak and have your nails shaped and buffed. Your cuticles are then conditioned and your heels and calluses are smoothed. Finish off with a lavender lotion massage for your legs and feet, ending with a steamed towel.

Deluxe Pedicure $29

A basic pedicure followed by a sea salt exfoliation. A cooling gel is then applied and then later removed with a steamed rose-scented towel. This circulation of hot and cold therapy will leave your skin feeling tingly and glowing.

Rosie Rose (Aromatic) Pedicure $34

Relaxing feet soak with an aromatic rose fragrant. Your legs and feet are exfoliated with a rose scrub after a basic pedicure. Next is a rose aromatherapy with a rose mask and steamed towel wrap. Then, complete the experience with a steamed towel therapy.

Tea-Riffic Pedicure $39

This antioxidant-rich treatment focuses on skin renewal and protection from free radicals and premature aging. First, soak your feet in a tea bath filled with botanical extracts (helps decrease sweating). A basic pedicure followed by a skin scrub using natural sugar crystals and a green tea exfoliant is applied. A mask wrap, moisturizing massage, and shea butter is then applied and ends with a hot towel therapy.

Creative Passionate Spa Pedicure $43

Choice of scents: Milk and honey (moisturizing), lavender and lemongrass (calming), and citrus and herb (revitalizing). This is the ultimate relaxing pedicure using aroma-therapeutic fragrance; a truly pampered spa pedicure. Soak your hardworking feet followed by the basic nail and cuticle grooming. Next is a premium natural sea salt exfoliant, then followed by a deep dermal and foot massage ending with a paraffin wax therapy for the feet.


Get Smooth Skin With the Help of Our Professionals

Are you looking for amiable and gentle waxing professionals? You're at the right place. Count on the experienced team at Creative Nail Design & Spa to effectively remove unwanted hair from your eyebrows, underarms, chin, etc.

Our Waxing Services Include

Eyebrows $10
Lips / Chin / Sideburns $10
Full Face $40
Under Arms $20
Arms $30
Full Legs $60
Half Legs $40
Back $45

Eyelash Extensions

Get Full Eyelashes With Quality Extensions

Turn to Creative Nail Design & Spa for semi-permanent eyelash extensions comprised of individual synthetic eyelashes that are applied to each natural eyelash, creating instant natural-looking length, and fullness.

Our Eyelash Extension Services

New Set $150
Duralash R Naturals $45
Touch-ups $50
Removal $40

Permanent Make-Up

Enhance Your Look With Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup will add balance to your face and the confidence that comes with it. Our specialty at Creative Nail Design & Spa is to enhance your appearance by working with colors and designs to blend naturally with your skin tone.

Whether it’s your eyes, lips, or eyebrows, your best features will sparkle. Choose us to enjoy the look you want that can truly transform your face and skin.

Our Permanent Makeup Services

Eyebrows $200
Eyeliner upper only $100
Lip Color $250

Your first visit for retouch-up will be complimentary!

Kids (10 yrs old & under)

Color Toe or Nail $5
Color Toe + Nail + 2 Designs $13
Basic Spa Pedicure + Color Toe Nail + 2 Designs $26